*Since we are a smaller rescue, we do not adopt out any further than Michigan and Indiana.*

If you are interested in adopting one of our birds, please understand you are required to fill out an adoption application AND a home walk through video where you must show the cage you will be using(if you have one) BEFORE you come out and meet the bird(s) you are interested in. You must be 18 or older to adopt from us. After the home walk through video and application are accepted, you will be contacted by one of us here at H.E.A.R.T. to set up an appointment to meet the bird you are interested in. You will be evaluated with the bird(s) of interest at your visits to make sure there is a connection between you and the bird by one of our staff. If the bird you are interested in does not come with a cage, you will be required to buy one and have proof(another home walk through or home check will need to be completed). If adopting a cockatoo, you will be required to join the parrot project which will be included in the adoption fee. Please note, we do not adopt out any large or loud parrots(I.E. macaws, cockatoos, Amazon’s, sun conures) to renters/condo owners/apartment/etc. We DO NOT adopt out to people who smoke in their own home. If you are renting a house/apartment you MUST have a written letter of acceptance that is signed and dated for a parrot from your landlord. Your landlord information will be required(name/number) so we can call and confirm the letter of acceptance. If you are renting you also must have a plan to explain to us if something happens to where you have to move/find another place to rent. After all of these check points get approved, you then will be required to sign a contract for the adoption to be completed. All of our birds are adopted out with a contract saying they are not to be sold, traded, given away, or bred etc. If things do not work out they are to be returned to the rescue. Adoption fees will not be refunded if this happens, by adopting you take the risk of things not working out. If you are found in violation of our contract, legal action will be taken to return the bird(s) you adopted and you will not be able to adopt from us again.
**Please note: any bird that is on CITES are ONLY going to be adopted to Michigan Residents only.**



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