Shellie Hochstetler and Cockatoo Ranch

Cockatoo Ranch Location: Shipshewana, IN

CONTACT: cockatooranch@yahoo.com

Shellie has been a part of H.E.A.R.T. since the very beginning(2019). She is a person for the birds and is focusing on cockatoos or birds with extreme plucking and/or mutilation.

Shellie was born with her love of animals and over the years has worked very hard to be the best pet owner she could be. Shellie and her husband are blessed to have 24 acres where they have multiple animals including horses, dogs, cats, pigs, birds, etc. Those who follow her know about her beautiful Savannah, she pushed Shellie to learn so much more about behavior and letting the animal have a voice. Then with one phone call, her beautiful Pearl(umbrella cockatoo) a.k.a Shellie's bird wife found her way into her life. Pearl was very broken and screamed non-stop at the previous rescue she resided. The conditions she lived in at her previous home broke Shellie's heart and she wanted to do everything she could to help her, so she buried herself into cockatoo behavior information and from there Pearl blossomed. People from facebook started reaching out to Shellie as well as rescues and breeders wanting her to take in birds, including Quincy which was Shellie's first mutilator. This did scare Shellie, but with a few weeks of thinking and praying about it she agreed to take him. Then in one day, Shellie took in 7 cockatoos, three of which were mutilators and that pushed her to the limits of her knowledge pretty quickly. Shellie had these broken souls and did not have all the tools she needed to help them. That all changed when she discovered Lara Joseph and The Animal Behavior Center. Shellie joined level 2 as well as her projects and after attending her first workshop became very dedicated in ABA and positive reinforcement training, because(as Lara would say) when we know better, we do better. Shellie also learned the benefits of flocking birds well as providing them as much outdoor time as possible. She currently has 17 outdoor aviaries and 1 quarantine aviary. Shellie continues to expand and currently has over 40 cockatoos in her care.

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We pride ourselves in the way we care for our flock. Shellie is very dedicated to finding the best forever home for the cockatoos. Cockatoos are one of the most re-homed, sold and given up birds.


Veterinary Services

Shellie's flock will see Dr. Scott Mcdonald twice a year. She also uses Purdue University and Dr. Lennox in Indianapolis, Milwood Animal Clinic in Kalamazoo and Bird & Exotic Pet Wellness in Toledo, Ohio for emergencies or any procedures.


Shellie's flock is fed a mixture of foods, ranging from pellets, whole nuts, fresh food, chop, freeze dried food, sprouts and teas.



There is no such thing as too big when it comes to birds(as long as the bar spacing is correct). Parrots should be in a cage that is double their wing span to be comfortable. Please understand you will be required to have the correct size cage or be willing to buy the correct size cage to meet our standards for adoption.


We take our time to get to know the birds to make sure we find them the best home possible. We understand you may be interested in a specific bird, but it may not be the best fit for your lifestyle. We do our best to match you with a bird that will do the best for you, your family and home. Level One and The Parrot Project ran through The Animal Behavior Center by Lara Joseph is included with your adoption fee. Total for adoption costs is $700($1200 for pairs) to adopt from Cockatoo Ranch.