Blue and Gold Macaw

Sonny is a 21 year old female(has laid eggs in the past) blue and gold macaw who will not tolerate men. She forms too much of a bond with woman, so we are requiring someone who has years of macaw experience to apply. She needs someone to continue her positive reinforcement to correct her behavior. Sonny has had a toe removed in July 2020 to help with pressure sores/mobility issues from an injury from a previous home.

Adoption Fee: $650 (higher due to surgery)



Blue and Gold Macaw

Myles is a 17 year old DNA'd female macaw. She is very sweet once you get to know her but is very anxious/nervous and needs someone who is patient. Myles has plucked in the past, so she is a little naked on her chest area. Adoption Fee $400



Chatterbox is a 3 year old quaker parrot. He is cage aggressive, but will step up and enjoy head scratches once away from his cage. Adoption Fee $400



Lucky is a nanday conure who was found outside in 2018 that no one claimed. We do not know his age. He’s very timid and doesn’t like to interact with people. Lucky would be best for someone who has experience/patience or who doesn’t mind letting him just be a bird. He does not talk and is as loud as a sun conure. Adoption Fee: $200



Blue & Gold Macaw

Mercenary is a confirmed male(DNA tattoo) and is an ex breeder bird. He is estimated to be between 35-40 years old. He's not very tame, but he likes to be talked to and pet on occasion. Adoption Fee $400



Pappi is a DNA’d Male Catalina macaw. He does not like other macaws and can be grumpy, he will grab a hold of people and try to pull them into his cage to bite. He does best when alone and will step up once you build a bond with him. He has an old injury to one of his wings and that causes it to sit lower than the other. Adoption fee $400



A pair of doves(male/female) that are between 1.5-2 years old. Very sweet and will step up. 
Adoption fee: $30



Nigel is a male umbrella cockatoo, he will require someone with patience and understanding to win his trust. He is QUIET for a cockatoo.
Adoption fee: $400 (Parrot Project membership for 1 year required & included in his fee)



Irwin is a 6 year old male cockatiel who is hand shy, he makes a lot of outdoor bird sounds.

Adoption Fee: $30



Thea a Green Cheek Conure who is roughly 6 years old and cage defensive. He will step up and loves to play with his toys.

Adoption Fee: $300(Available after Oct 21st)



There are a few different cockatoos available. Shellie(owner of Cockatoo Ranch) will match you with the right cockatoo that is best for you and your life. If interested in a cockatoo, please fill out an application and send a walk through video. Shellie will then contact you.(NOTE: Image is from Google)



Timmy is a male 30+ Timneh African Grey. He has chosen not to speak to us, but that doesn't mean he absolutely can't/won't. He loves to whistle and make squeaky door sounds. He enjoys to be talked to and whistled at, but he prefers to be left alone. Meaning he doesn't step up and will do the African Grey growl at you. He would be best with someone who knows African Greys or someone that is okay just letting him be retired and himself. He does have arthritis. 

Adoption Fee: $500(higher due to testing/xrays/antibiotics)



Merlin is a male cockatoo and a typical male cockatoo at that. He is VERY LOUD and can be a challenge. He will get very jealous and over stimulated with other pets and kids. The BEST home for him will be a home without those. You will be required to join The Parrot Project to adopt him.

Adoption Fee: $200



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